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About 10 years ago, I had to take a decision which every developer has to take at one point of their life - “Which organization should I join to build remarkable software?”

All I understood was code and that big companies would give better opportunities to create something meaningful with code (or at least that was how it was marketed).

Having worked with multiple types of companies (startups, growing orgs and big corporates), I noticed one consistent pattern - as the team size starts growing, chaos increases and visibility decreases.

The managers who are responsible for the delivery of the whole project want to know where the team is blocked and hence end up conducting many follow up meetings, making endless spreadsheets and still have to fight fires when delays happen.

On the flip side, the builders are waiting more, being blocked more, giving more status updates and building less leading them to an unproductive and unhappy state.

The quest to ensure productivity seems to backfire, doesn't it?

To solve this we started Middleware.

At Middleware, we imagine a world where engineering teams can focus on building amazing software & engineering managers can lead with hard data unhindered by red tape & bottlenecks. We believe in empowering software developers to achieve their full potential by streamlining the software delivery process.

The Evolution of Engineering Productivity

For decades, the quest for engineering productivity has been undertaken by many. Being a developer means juggling between what’s planned and firefighting while feeling creatively satisfied at your job.

Finally, after a long journey our industry today is undergoing a vital shift. We are moving away from outdated metrics and rigid frameworks towards a more developer-centric approach pioneered by engineering teams at Google.

DORA (DevOps Research & Assessment) is the key Open Source metrics framework which sits at the forefront of this evolution. DORA is already being leveraged by many top engineering teams across the planet.

Relationship Between DORA Metrics

Introducing Middleware Open-Source

Today, we are thrilled to announce the open-source launch of our Middleware Core starting with DORA Metrics as one of the main features.

DORA (DevOps Research & Assessment) provides a powerful framework for measuring engineering team health and productivity. It focuses on key metrics that reflect the efficiency and stability of the software delivery pipeline, free from manipulation or "gaming" the system.

Why Open Source?

Choosing the right framework to measure software development effectiveness can be a daunting task.

By making our DORA metrics platform open-source, we aim to:

  • Lower the barrier to entry: We want to remove any obstacles that might prevent engineering teams from adopting DORA metrics. Open-source accessibility empowers any team to get started on their journey towards a smoother development flow.
  • Foster a collaborative community: Open-source development thrives on collaboration and knowledge sharing. By opening the platform, we invite the developer community to contribute, improve, and build upon our DORA metrics solution. This collective effort will lead to a more robust and valuable tool for everyone.
  • Aligns with our goal: Open-source aligns perfectly with our core principle of removing roadblocks for engineers. Removing licensing restrictions on DORA metrics empowers software teams to focus on building great software, not navigating complex licensing agreements.

Benefits for the Community

By leveraging our open-source DORA metrics platform, engineering teams can:

  • Gain valuable insights: Track key metrics like lead time, deployment frequency, change fail percentage, and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair/Recovery) to identify areas for improvement in the delivery pipeline.
  • Focus on what matters: DORA metrics avoid gameable metrics like lines of code, allowing teams to concentrate on building quality software and delivering value than optimizing for immaterial outcomes.
  • Benchmark performance: Compare DORA metrics with industry standards to understand where your team stands and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Contribute and improve: Participate in the open-source community, share your expertise, and help shape the future of software engineering productivity.

Join us in Building a Smoother Future for Engineering

We believe open-source DORA metrics is a significant step towards achieving our vision of a frictionless development experience. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Check out the Middleware repo, contribute with your feedback, suggestions, or get started with Open-source DORA Metrics by Middleware.

Help us build a future where engineers can create amazing software, smoothly and efficiently🚀

Together, let's make engineering productive, not busy!

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