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At Middleware, we are on a mission to make engineering teams more productive across the world. We are a B2B SaaS solution which frees-up the top engineering leaders from time-consuming follow ups and helps them identify workflow bottlenecks easily so that they can focus on high-impact initiatives.

Having worked as an Engineering Manager in Europe and in India himself, Dhruv Agarwal (Co-Founder and CEO) has faced the problem of delayed deliveries and people burnouts due to lack of visibility.

He has seen that many good engineers are unable to come up to their potential because leaders do not remove their blockers, hence resulting in lower productivity and poor work satisfaction.

In early 2022, Dhruv and Jayant Bhawal (Co-Founder & CPO) started Middleware to enable organisations discover complete potential of their teams.

And that's us on the right, planning new ways to make engineering great again!


Dhruv Agarwal
Dhruv Agarwal
Ex-Sr. EM Maersk,
Shuttl, Kayako
Jayant Bhawal
Ex-Tech Lead Uber, Shuttl, Kayako

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