About us

Middleware empowers engineering leaders and technical project managers with the tools they need to build world class software delivery processes.

We streamline engineering workflows, automate tedious reporting, and provide actionable insights such as DORA Metrics for great software engineering teams.

Our mission is to eliminate the obstacles that hinder innovation, maximizing developer potential and fostering a more fulfilling work environment.

Middleware is a developer first suite, made by developers and led by experienced developers as well.

Co-Founder and CEO, Dhruv Agarwal, has witnessed firsthand the frustrations of missed software deadlines and developer burnout due to inadequate visibility.

As an Engineering Manager in both Europe and India, he recognized the untapped potential held back by inefficient software delivery pipelines and unclear data.

Middleware was founded in early 2022 by Dhruv and Co-Founder & CTO, Jayant Bhawal.

We aim to equip both developers and engineering leaders with the tools they need to drive successful software to production.

Our technology is engineered to optimize team workflows, boost productivity, and create a culture where exceptional software thrives.

Our Founders

Varun Narula
Dhruv Agarwal
Ex-Sr. EM Maersk,
Shuttl, Kayako
Varun Narula
Jayant Bhawal
Ex-Tech Lead Uber,
Shuttl, Kayako

Our Team


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