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Middleware frees engineering managers from repetitive follow-ups to ensure smooth product delivery, and identification of workflow bottlenecks so they can remove any hiccups for their team.

Middleware sits on top of the team's existing tools like Github, Calendar, JIRA and provides managers actionable insights to run their team efficiently and prevent their engineers from burning out.

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Look over what requires your attention

Single view which highlights areas to act on whether its a delivery issue or a people issue
A graph showing code reviewer dependency
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Unblock your teams from bottlenecks

We bring insights using your PRs to find out which reviewer is the bottleneck or whether team is just waiting long for reviews or reworking on every code change
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Balance to prevent people from burning out

Spot if your team is too stretched on calls and deliveries to prevent burnouts or boredom
A Grid showing who in your team is burnt out and who is under utilised
1:1s and performance management for your team
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Grow each engineer

Middleware 1:1s give you a look of the developer's performance, allow you to keep track of their growth areas and goals, hence helping you to grow your engineer as best you can
James Miller
“Middleware helps me with visibility of my whole engineering team’s processes.

Not only it adds value by bringing a structure to 1:1s and visibility of 1:1 cadence, Middleware also solves access to documents when we need to promote someone or appraise annually.

Earlier we used to record all the conversations in Google sheets which had become a personal mess for the team.”
Ankit Agarwal
Director of Engineering, Pluang

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