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Engineering leaders spend up to 31% of their time on unnecessary back and forth, data collation about sprints and manual report preparation.

Get all the software engineering productivity insights right within Jira in seconds, not hours with our Jira app on Atlassian Marketplace!

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When in doubt Zoom Out (or in)

From a bird’s eye view to honing down on a specific story, from separate teams to individual developers, from story tasks to resolving bugs to optimizing lead time, you get it all in your sprint reports.
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Get everything you need within Jira!

You don't need to leave Jira to get the insights and reports you need. Every insight and report is right there whenever you want, within seconds.

What Engineering Leaders Feel About Middleware

“Our team has gotten healthier and more collaborative than ever before. It’s just been absolutely fantastic.

The team at Middleware is always around, always available, I don’t know when they sleep.”
Kris Chase
VP of Engineering, Talent Systems LLC
“Middleware gives me eyes for our software development processes end to end!

I could spot the immediate bottlenecks in our process and act on it leading to 20% speed up in our review process.”
Prateek Jogani
CTO, Qoala
“Our aha moment was when we could really see how long each story point actually took our team.

The time saved now can be used to make our developers more productive by working closely with them.”
Madanlal Arora
AVP of Engineering, Flexiloans
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Want more than just Jira sprint reports?

When you want to expand and get in depth performance metrics just connect your Git.

Your managers get to tweak the smallest of dials and achieve peak software engineering team performance.
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From chaos to clarity, within Jira

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Why do I have to authenticate to continue in the app when I already installed it?

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While you can access some basic features, in-depth reports and comprehensive insights require authentication. Sprint Reports for Jira by Middleware offers a limited view of your data without extra Authentication(up to 5 times a month).

To provide a full picture of your project health and deliver a more valuable report, the app needs your JIRA access token to fetch detailed project data.

What all scopes do you need from the integration token?

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We only request the minimum permissions required to access the data necessary for its functionalities.

These typically include browsing projects, issues, and workflows but can vary depending on the specific features you use. You can find a detailed list of requested permissions within the app's documentation.

Who in my organization can access this?

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Access to the app is typically controlled by your organization's administrators. They can designate which users have permission to view and interact with the app.

Anyone on your Jira account can access the app with permissions of an Engineer by default.

If I add an engineer to the team, will they receive an email too?

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If an engineer is added to a team within your Sprint Reports for Jira App organization, they won't receive an additional invitation email.

However, they will be able to see the team they were added to within the app.

I have invited some of my colleagues, will they receive an email?

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Yes, if the colleagues you invited don't already have a Middleware account and are being invited as an Administrator, they will receive an email invitation to join your organization and access the app.

How do I add/delete a team?

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Adding and deleting teams is typically a permission granted to administrators/managers within your organization.

Refer to the app's documentation here for specific instructions or consult your organization's administrator for assistance.

I cannot see data in the app, how can I resolve this?

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There could be a few reasons why you're not seeing data:

Team Project Mapping: Ensure the teams you're viewing are correctly mapped to the relevant JIRA projects.

JIRA Token Issue: Double-check that your JIRA access token is valid and has the necessary permissions.

Need Help: If you've verified the above and still encounter issues, reach out to Middleware support at support[At]middlewarehq[dot]com for further assistance.

Will this app sync all the data in my Jira?

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No, the app focuses on relevant project management data. It only synchronizes the project information you select and primarily retrieves tickets and its related metadata required for its functionalities.

The app does not sync any personal information.

Who can make changes to the teams and configurations?

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Changes to teams and configurations are typically restricted to users with admin access within the app.

These are usually project managers or administrators designated by your organization.